Dyson Demo Store

Dyson has realised what we all knew – before you mortgage the firstborn for one of their fabulous products, you first need to see, touch, feel and understand it. Enter the Dyson Demo Store in Castle Hill, Sydney – its first in the southern hemisphere.

Its not really a store – sure, you can spend money there – but more of an experience and demonstration area with a service bar where you can talk to Dyson product experts who can diagnose and often fix issues right there.

My first question to Dyson Australia’s Managing Director Glenn Andrew (yes, he is Welsh, been with Dyson since 2003 and in Australia since 2013) was, “Why Castle Hill?” More specifically, Level 1, Shop 16B, Hills Super Centre, 16-18 Victoria Avenue, Castle Hill, NSW 2154 (Seven day opening hours are 9-5 pm except to 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays).

Dyson has a large percentage of users in the Hills area. Perhaps it is because there are larger homes and families there. If this is as successful as we think it will be, then more stores will open around Australia.

“OK, but it is still 35km out of Sydney via the M2,” I said. He responded that Dyson’s authorised resellers like JB Hi-Fi, Good Guys, David Jones, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, and Myer are everywhere and usually the first ports of call. The Dyson Demo Store is there to help educate the consumer and support its retailers.

Glenn added that Dyson already had 228 staff in its Taren Point service centre, Paramatta call centre, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offices.

Dyson Demo Store – first in the southern hemisphere

Dyson Demo Stores have been successfully operating in Europe, UK, Asia, and the USA since the first in Paris in 2000. In fact, there are over 200 worldwide. They do one thing, and they do it very well.

The Dyson Demo store provides a tailored experience to help potential owners understand the machines or technologies they want to buy. By design, it redefines retail and offers a unique experience for potential Dyson owners. We think people want to get the right information; and hear it from the people who know best – those who invent, develop and manufacture the technology.

Sir James Dyson

Glenn added that people did not realise the extent of Dyson’s products. It is not just bagless cyclonic vacuums, but a range of products based on its technology:– Hyperdymium motors (extremely high-speed DC brushless motors); the Coandă effect (Air Multiplier for our hair products and purifiers); battery and power management; Task Lighting; AI; robotics; ergonomics; design and so much more.

At the Dyson Demo Store, you can see these technologies in action and try them before you buy.

Opening offers

Dyson will have some limited-edition colourways, tools and accessories, plus gifts with gift wrapping and personalisation options. Dyson products come with a 45-day money-back guarantee and free delivery for orders over $99.

GadgetGuy’s take

The Dyson Demo Store is a single brand shop where you can visit to cut through the clutter of CE retailers and department stores that sell multiple brands.

Being at Castle Hill, it is also a destination shop. You must decide to visit because you want a different experience from its authorised retailers. Adding a service bar (like Apple stores) is a smart move.

And as I have seen almost all the demonstrations like vacuums picking up incredible amounts of detritus and categorising and counting it or smoke-filled chambers purified in seconds, I know the tech. It is impressive, but you need to know too before you invest.

It is a smart move to visit the Dyson Demo Store if you are thinking of entering the clan!

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