Dyson Hot now even cooler than before

Last year’s Dyson Hot+Cool made headlines for being one of those snazzy blade-less air multiplying devices able to both heat up and cool down a room, thus reducing the need for buying both a fan and a heater. But while its cooling abilities left something to be desired, this year, you might actually find it useful on a hot day.

Set to replace the current generation, the new model has received an upgrade, and it’s more than just a new coat of paint.

Developed by 45 engineers at Dyson, the AM05 Hot+Cool is a step up from the first generation combination heating and cooling air multiplier, with the motor in this model working just as quickly for cooling as it does on Dyson’s cooling-only fans.

As such, Dyson told GadgetGuy that the motor in AM05 “spins faster, resulting in increased air being drawn into the machine to effectively provide the same cooling effect as the AM01,” while still taking advantage of the heated ceramic stones when warming the room up.

“It’s frustrating when temperatures fluctuate – you’re warm one minute, shivering the next, so we created a machine that heats and cools effectively,” said James Dyson, founder of the company that created the Air Multiplier. “We increased the output of the brushless motor by 33 percent, improving cooling performance, whilst maintaining fast even room heating.”

A remote control is still included, as is the automatic shut off switch, which happens when the fan is tipped over. Pricing has changed slightly, with an increase of $50 bringing it to $599 RRP, with an availability from April 1.