Dyson’s blade-less fan technology is being upgraded for the cooler seasons, with ceramic heating stones thrown inside to pump out hot air when winter comes.

Previewed last year as Dyson was launching a similar model for America, we played with a prototype and found the technology to be similar to the Air Multiplier cool fans launched several years ago.

“The original Air Multiplier was born from the Airblade Airdryer,” said Andrew McCulloch, one of Dyson’s engineers working out of Japan. “We wanted to find other applications for the technology.”

The Dyson Hot+Cool is available in two colours.

Over the course of three years, 22 engineers helped to develop a new model of the blade-less fan that was the Air Multiplier that could not only deliver cold air, but also warm up the air it took in.

The Dyson Hot+Cool can do exactly this, measuring the ambient air as it’s pulled into the fan, running it through a motor, and heating it over straight ceramic stones inside the new fan.

Interestingly, not all of the air coming out of the Hot has been heated, with some of it kept cool so the surface temperature of the fan can be cool enough to pick up if needed.

Safety is also thought of, with an automatic cut-out switch tripped if the fan is knocked over, turning the unit off in case something should ever go wrong.