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And a battery

Don Gelonese, MD of Emberpulse, wrote about Why our electricity costs so much? Stop the great energy rip-off and in that mentioned battery storage as one of the cures to stop the energy rip-off.

Essentially an adequately sized battery (somewhere over 7.5kWh) linked to a solar system can store enough power to eliminate the Grid usage costs (you still need to pay a supply charge). But it can sell energy back to the grid and make you money – as much as a $2000 thousand a year.

Given a 10kWh battery costs about $8,000, it could also pay for itself in four to five years.

Hmmm- need to do more investigation here.

GadgetGuy’s take – Emberpulse has done it for me.

Initial savings: Just becoming more aware of the issues – what devices use the most power, when to use them and what alternative you can use.

Medium-term savings: Having the data to compare plans and switch. In my case over $500 in savings in the next 12 months.

Longer-term savings: Knowing if solar and a battery will work for you. The catch 22 is that you could spend $5-10K for a solar system and a similar amount for a battery, but you would be free of the Grid.

Works for me. If you want to stop the energy rip-off its time to go to Emberpulse (website here and get a monitor).

Please note: Emberpulse provided the monitor installation for trial. GadgetGuy has not received any income from Emberpulse.

We want to stop the energy rip-off as it is a vital subject to our readers. And as a review site, we must test its claims before offering any endorsement. It has the tick now!