End of financial year mobile plan deals

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With the end of the financial year only two weeks away, a number of mobile service providers are offering short-term specials outside of their usual monthly offers. Let’s check them out.

EOFY best mobile plan deals

The following table is best viewed on a PC screen – you can move the scroll bar at the bottom to the right to reveal more of the information in the table. We’ll update the table over the next couple of weeks as more deals are announced, so be sure to check in regularly.

Company – EOFY 22Unlimited National calls & textData includedPeriodInternational callsCost Cost/mth  Cost/GB other expires
Coles (Optus)Yes85GB/yr12mthsUnlimited 15 destinations$99 $     8.25 $     1.16Instore only5-Jul
Moose (Optus)Yes6GB/mth12mths then $14.80None$8.80$8.80 $     1.46  
Circle (Optus)Yes5GB/mthforeverNone$10 $   10.00 $     2.00cashrewards1-Jul
Boost (Telstra)Yes140GB/yr12 mths$300 included$170 $   14.17 $     1.21cashrewards30-Jun
Moose (Optus)Yes25GB/mth12mths then $23.80None$16.80 $   16.80 $     0.67  
Circle (Optus)Yes30GB/mth12mths then $25None$20 $   20.00 $     0.67cashrewards1-Jul
Circle (Optus)Yes50GB/mthforeverNone$25 $   25.00 $     0.50cashrewards1-Jul
Circle (Optus)Yes100GB/mth12mths then $45None$30 $   30.00 $     0.30cashrewards1-Jul
VodafoneYes80GB/mthforeverNone$40 $   40.00 $     0.50 30-Jun
ALDI (Telstra)Yes1000GB/yr12mthsNone $    499 $   41.58 $     0.50in store 22 June (limited)