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Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator in kitchen
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Everybody knows that refrigerators come in white, silver, or occasionally black. Going bespoke means hiding the fridge behind custom (and expensive) joinery. But what if there was another way to get a bespoke fridge to fit your style, when your style runs further than white, silver, or black?

Well, at last, Samsung’s BESPOKE fridge range makes it possible. Fresh from winning a Canstar Blue 2022 innovation award, and a Good Design Award 2022 Gold Accolade, Samsung BESPOKE refrigerators are changing the way people think about their kitchens, and about what a fridge can be. 

What is BESPOKE?

Traditionally, you choose a fridge with a set of features you need (number of doors, position of freezer, drinks dispenser and so on), dimensions that fit your space, and an all-over style. Samsung’s BESPOKE fridges do things a little differently.

You can still choose from a range of fridge types and specs, from a classic bottom-mount fridge to a single-door, all the way up to a French-door fridge. But you also get to choose the door colour and material. And not just white or stainless steel, BESPOKE lets you mix and match seven colours and two select finishes. 

BESPOKE lets you mix and match seven colours in two select finishes. Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

That’s right. You don’t have to choose an all-Satin Blue fridge, you can choose a fridge with a Clean Navy freezer door, Clean Pink fridge door, and even add in another single-door fridge in Cotta White. 

You can even mix and match a French-door fridge, or another single-door freezer, or whatever you want. Samsung’s BESPOKE fridges are modular, which means if you buy two fridges to set side-by side, you can use a Pairing Kit1 to lock them in place (relative to each other) so the doors always open smoothly, and everything stays looking squared-away and smart, even if a boisterous family member bumps the fridge or slams a door.

Speaking of doors, you can also choose the door direction. For example, if you’ve chosen a single-door fridge and single-door freezer to pair, you can set the right-hand unit to open from the left, and the left-hand unit to open from the right, creating a bespoke install that’s a bit like a giant French-door fridge. 

You can use Samsung’s BESPOKE Design Studio to preview how three modules (that is, three separate fridges) will look combined in a virtual kitchen. Of course, you’re not limited to a mere three refrigerators in your real home, you can combine as many as you like, but the BESPOKE Design Studio is a great way to see how door colours will look together, and lets you quickly experiment with a range of styles.

BESPOKE is modular, allowing you to set two or more fridges side-by-side with a Pairing Kit1 to lock them in place. Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Which fridges are BESPOKE?

Samsung’s BESPOKE fridges aren’t an exclusive range, but more like a tier in many of the brand’s most popular and full-featured fridge ranges. There’s the ultra-minimalist and cool (literally and figuratively!) single-door fridge or freezer modulars, standalone French-door with Beverage Centre, French-door modular, and bottom-mount modular (similar to a traditional fridge-freezer but with freezer on the bottom).

Any BESPOKE fridge that has a modular option can be physically connected to another modular fridge with a Pairing Kit,1 while the French-door with Beverage Centre fridge is free-standing but can still be configured with the BESPOKE colours and finishes. 

The bottom-mount modular BESPOKE fridge suits a smaller apartment or family home, with enough space for fresh and frozen produce for people who don’t need extras like beverage dispensing. 

The single-door modular fridge and freezer offer lots of capacity, especially if you need to keep a fair amount of frozen food to hand but don’t have a massive kitchen or want to use a top-loading deep freezer.

However, thanks to their modular design, both the fridge and freezer can form part of a larger install, especially thanks to their configurable door-opening direction (which you specify when you order the unit). You could set up two fridges with a third freezer to one side, all connected into a single installation via Pairing Kits,1 and each door a different colour to your taste.

BESPOKE fridges include single-door bottom-mount and French-door designs. Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

You can also pair a modular single-door fridge with the modular French-door BESPOKE fridge, which with its familiar four-door design offers even more flexibility. And while it can be paired with any modular BESPOKE fridge, it also looks great on its own, since you can specify each door with a colour that showcases your style.

And finally there’s the BESPOKE French-door with Beverage Centre fridge. This free-standing unit doesn’t just showcase BESPOKE’s style, it also showcases Samsung’s fridge technology, such as the plumbed Dual Ice Maker, Autofill Infuser Water Jug, and triple cooling. Plus, it’s Wi-Fi enabled so can send an alert to your phone, letting you know if you’ve left the door open so you can keep your food fresher for longer.2

Why choose BESPOKE?

Samsung’s new BESPOKE family of fridges (and other BESPOKE appliances too) lets you express your style at home in ways that haven’t been possible until now. At least, certainly not without spending an awful lot of time and money on custom joinery.

BESPOKE is a welcome refresh to the traditional design of fridges, after decades of very conservative and conventional styling.

Perhaps most importantly, while BESPOKE’s options to combine colours is unique, the concept goes beyond this with the module system that allows you to combine multiple fridges and freezers into a single coherent unit that looks amazing in your home. 

That means there’s a BESPOKE configuration for everyone, from the tiniest studio apartment to the most rocking party palaces (or the biggest of blended families).

How to get your Samsung BESPOKE fridge

You can preview a configuration of up to three BESPOKE fridges online at the Samsung BESPOKE Design Studio web page. Choose your fridges and configure how they’ll be arranged in your kitchen, select a finish for each, then choose colours for the doors. How many doors depends on the fridges you choose – a French-door modular, for example, has four doors you can configure. You can also choose which direction the door on certain models opens.

The BESPOKE Design Studio will then show you a quote for the configuration, which will include all the technical bits you need such as any Pairing Kits.1 For example, if you choose three units, you’ll see two Pairing Kits added automatically.

You can then place your order right from the Samsung BESPOKE Design Studio, and your amazing new BESPOKE fridge (or fridges!) will be delivered to you. 

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1. Pairing Kit is sold separately. 

2 Requires an internet connection. Data charges may apply.