Hunter Valley app works out a vino trip made just for you

With the four day Easter Weekend coming up, many of you will probably be leaving work early and heading out of town for a nice little holiday. If you happen to be heading to the Hunter, there’s an app to help you find the right vineyard for your state of mind.

Available now for iOS devices – sorry Android users! – the Hunter Valley Guide is available in two forms for the iPhone and the iPad.

Clocking in at 108MB, the iPhone Hunter Valley Guide offers you a way to find out what sort of vineyard you should visit first based on a few personality questions. According to Hunter tourism board, 92 vineyards are indexed in this app, so any help to find the best drop for your tastebuds is probably good help.

At over 100MB, it’s certainly not a small app, and we certainly suggest to make sure you’re on WiFi before you consider downloading it.

Even bigger than the iPhone app is the iPad version, an interactive magazine that shows you addresses for every vineyard and varietal the region has to offer, drinking styles, as well as places to stay, eat, and other things to do.

Just a little forewarning: you will want to make sure you’re in vicinity of a WiFi hotspot as while the iPad app appears to be just a few megabytes, it does require a massive content download to work, totalling 340MB. Most iPhone and iPad users are connected to WiFi at least once a day, but if you’re planning on hitting the highway and heading to the Hunter this arvo, just make sure you’ve got WiFi connected before you try this app, otherwise you could gives yourself a very hearty mobile bill.