Husqvarna launches a robot mower that acts like a sheep

The Swedes have certainly been working on some interesting things, with the new AutoMower 305 taking its cues from none other than a sheep.

The new AutoMower 305 uses small razor blades to trim the grass, similar to how a sheep chews on each section, trimming clumps of grass one at a time instead of ripping it up from the ground.

It also moves like a sheep, with the mower driving itself in random patterns and then moving itself back to its little home station for a recharge. After a quick nap, the mower will go back to work trimming the lawn, doing this until you turn it off.

And when we say that it’ll do it until you turn it off, we mean it. Night and day, every day, the Husqvarna AutoMower will do its thing until you come and turn it off, recharging itself and trimming the lawn all the time.

Some of the security features grabbed our attention, too, with a key code locking the mower, high-pitched ear wrenching alarm that can go on for 100 hours. More expensive models feature a built in modem with SIM card slot that can send you an SMS when it gets picked up.

From what we’ve heard, sheep don’t bundle that type of security in the package, although they do come with soft and comfy wool, perfect for making a sweater out of for winter.

If you can skip the jacket and part with $1999, the AutoMower 305 will be making its way to stores in October.

Sheep apparently trim at 5-15 square metres per hour, while the AutoMower 305 manages 20.