Instagram gets direct messaging, images for some but not for all

Everyone’s favourite retro imaging services has added a feature over the weekend, and it’s good news if you don’t want people checking your photos publicly.

The new feature is called “Instagram Direct,” and is literally the direct messaging or private messaging of Instagram, similar to how other social networks have person-to-person messaging, such as the messaging system in Facebook and Twitter.

Essentially, Instagram images and videos can be sent to one or more specific users, so that pictures you take don’t have to be seen publicly on your feed, and can be sent like a direct message.

What you upload is still going to be stored on the Instagram servers, so you’ll probably want to make sure the images aren’t too risqué if ever someone decides to take a wander through the images stored on the system, but if you have images that you don’t want the world to see, it’s a neat idea.

Currently, the Instagram Direct feature has been rolled out to the latest updates for the iOS and Android versions, though our testing of the Windows Phone version of Instagram lacks this feature at the present time.