InvisibleShield on Demand Screen (ISoD) protector cut while you wait!

InvisibleShield on Demand
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ZAGG’s InvisibleShield on Demand (ISoD) screen protector can now be made to order for over 4,000 phone models at over 350 A/NZ stores.

The original InvisibleShield Glass+ variants have been available for many years off-the-shelf for many popular devices like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Pixel.

I am a screen protection convert having selected EFM screen armour for my Samsung Galaxy Note9 (that has Gorilla Glass 5).

But what if you are one of the 90% of Australians that don’t buy a flagship phone? Screen protector choice has been abysmal. Tough luck – not tough glass that is! Frankly a few dollars (under $50) is a cheap prevention for a screen replacement (usually over $400).

What is the original InvisibleShield Glass+?

ZAGG claim its tempered Glass+ protection offers from 3-7x more shatter protection than an unprotected screen. And Gorilla Glass 5 while drop resistant is still susceptible to scratches.

Like all brands of screen protectors, you must be able to increase the touch sensitivity or the protector may not work properly. On most Android devices go to Settings, Language/Input, and adjust pointer speed. On some brands (like Samsung) go to Display, Touch Sensitivity or Glove Sensitivity.

What is InvisibleShield on Demand (ISoD)?

InvisibleShield on Demand (website here) will have three types – original, HD and HD Ultra. We don’t know exact prices yet but indications are between $29.95 and $39.95 depending on material.

InvisibleShield on Demand

It is a flexible, clear, adhesive, film (we understand that it is not tempered glass like its precut screens) that provides some level of scratch and drop protection.

InvisibleShield on Demand

And it should be able to make both front and back protectors.

ZAGG’s service enables retailers to cut and apply screen protection films over 4,000 devices including tablets and watches in about 5 minutes.

InvisibleShield on Demand

Screen Protectors are cut on demand from an ever-updated cloud specification repository.

Lars Grip, VP of Sales, APAC, ZAGG International, said

“With cuts available for more than 4,000 devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables and laptops, ISoD will significantly increase sales opportunities for our retail partners,” “Whether you own the latest iPhone or an old Android, we’ve got you covered with InvisibleShield’s industry-leading scratch and impact protection.”

James Walkley, General Manager at Mo’s Mobiles (Vodafone) said,

“We never want to be in a situation where we have to turn a customer away because we don’t have what they’re after. The ability to cut almost any screen protector with InvisibleShield On Demand is a huge help in delivering on our customer experience.”

GadgetGuy’s take – why not a 24-hour vending machine?

Yes, it’s convenient but with 350 stores in A/NZ the hard part will be finding one. Mo – Vodafone – seem to embrace it so start there.

The key advantage is immediate availability from launch and access to a wide range of lesser known brands and models. But at this stage we are not aware if ISoD matches the InvisibleShield Glass+ that has such a good reputation.