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ITy Bytes 20 April

  • Apple and Qualcomm make-up and Intel moves out;
  • Facebook F’up number one million, five-hundred thousand and …;
  • Apple’s secret iPhone recycling plant opens its doors;
  • Amazon to close Chinese marketplace;
  • It is not just Huawei and ZTE that are forbidden to supply US telco infrastructure;
  • Kaspersky says Game of Thrones may be Game of Threats if you pirate it;
  • Google tightens Play Store security;
  • Hotmail, MSN and Outlook webmail hacked;
  • Samsung responds to reports of foldables breakage;

Apple and Qualcomm make-up and Intel moves out

Apple and Qualcomm have been in a highly destructive legal battle. Suddenly, they are friends again after an undisclosed sum of money changes hands (Apple paid Qualcomm). It also incorporates a six-year patent license so Apple can once again use Qualcomm technology.

Intel had stepped in to supply Qualcomm alternatives like its 4G modem and was due to supply a 5G modem. Its 5G modem business would not have been huge. Intel largely was developing the XMM 8160 modem at Apple’s behest.

Now Qualcomm is back – Intel is out! It may mean Apple will have a 5G iPhone in its series 11 later this year as the Chinese market is demanding it.

Apple is also testing a smaller 5.42-inch smartphone codenamed XE. It is basically a shrunken X series with a notch and A12 Bionic chip. It is rumoured to be made in an Indian plan to meet India’s need for a cheaper Apple and use a high percentage of components made there to satisfy the “Made in India’ initiative.

ITy Bytes 20 April

And in other Apple news Credit Suisse has stated that Apple’s iPhone ‘in a difficult spot with units >20% below peak as users are holding on to their devices longer than ever (four years) and price hikes have likely run their course.’ It sees a further 12.4% drop in volumes this year and issues Apple with a neural share rating.

Facebook F’up number one million, five-hundred thousand and …

Facebook has admitted that it has ‘unintentionally uploaded’ the email contacts of 1.5 million new Facebook users since May 2016.

It happened because Facebook required users email passwords to verify their identities. That opened contacts and all it contained to it. As people use contacts for all manner of ‘secure’ storage like passwords etc., Facebook now has that.

What is worse is that there was no request to import contacts and n warning – it just happened.

The email password verification ‘feature’ has now been disabled. Facebook says it will advise the 1.5 million affected new users and delete their uploaded contacts.

#deleteFacebook and never store confidential data in your contacts. Use a password manager.

ITy Bytes 20 April

Apple secret iPhone recycling plant opens its doors

There is a really interesting article on Apple’s secret prototype recycling facility in Texas and its development of Daisy the Deathbot that can disassemble any iPhone from 5-XS at 200 per hour. Of course, it can only handle a minute fraction of the more than 1 billion iPhones in the wild.

Of the 9 million iPhones Apple received back last year 7.8 million were refurbished and resold, and 1.2 million went to Daisy. Read more at CNET.

Long-time Apple nemesis, iFixit’s Kyle Wiens and super advocate for the right to repair movement calls it Daisy the Deathbot. He is sceptical, “One challenge is Apple’s secretive culture. The company holds so many things close to the vest, from its plans for the next iPhones to the repair manuals to fix them to the technology behind Daisy. That makes it hard for us to determine what’s real and what’s just marketing.”

Well said, Kyle.