LG 2021 soundbar – shortages delay the release

LG 2021 sounbbar range

LG has finally announced its LG 2021 soundbar range, although it is still unclear which ones will make it here. Global component shortages have affected the supply of many consumer electronics goods.

The LG 2021 soundbar range has gone even more upmarket, including a ‘premium audio experience’ and TV sound sharing feature called TV Mode Share on some models.

LG 2021 soundbar overview

(Not all models have every feature)

  • Hi-Res Audio certified, insuring lossless playback at 24bit/96kHz
  • HDMI 2.1 eARC connection and passthrough of higher bitrate, high-resolution content and uncompressed Dolby Atmos audio
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X (note that most LG 2020 TVs and later no longer support DTS:X)
  • AI Room Calibration
  • AI Sound Pro uses adaptive sound control to automatically adjust frequency range and sound field extension, depending on which genre of content the user is watching: news, music or cinema.
  • Multiple voice assistants, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri
  • Apple AirPlay 2, for content from iPhone, iPad or Mac
  • Meridian Audio tuning and Meridian technology
  • Meridian Horizon technology up-mixes 2.0 to faux immersive, multichannel audio
  • Dolby Atmos soundbars have two up-firing front speakers in the soundbar and optionally rear wireless up-firing and forward-firing speakers.

Prices and availability – TBA in the coming weeks. Or keep an eye on LG Australia’s website here.

A few key terms for the LG 2021 soundbar series:

  • 3.1.2 = front left/centre/right (3), front up firing left/right (2) and a wireless subwoofer (1)
  • 5.1 = front left/centre/right, front up firing left/right (5), and a wireless subwoofer (1)
  • 5.1.2 adds optional rear left/right, rear up firing left/right – this is what most Dolby Atmos streaming content uses
  • 7.1.4 = front left/centre/right, front up firing left/right, rear left/right, rear up firing left/right and a iwreless sub-woofer


Total wattage770W520W440W440W380W
Rear SpeakersRear & Up-FiringOptional (SPK8)As per SP9YASameSame
Dolby Atmos/ DTS:XYesYYDTS:X VirtualY
Meridian Horizon Technology Audio and Meridian Audio (Music Mode)
All models
Hi-Resolution Audio – all modelsYes    
AI Room CalibrationYesYYNoNo
AI Sound Pro – all modelsYes    
4K Pass-Through with Dolby Vision SupportYesYYNoY
Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, AirPlay 2YesYYNoNo
LG TV Synergy TV Sound Mode Share, Sound Bar Mode Control All modelsYes    
Eco Product (SGS) except SPD7YYes   No
All models

GadgetGuy’s take

LG soundbars have proven to be one of the better ‘brand’ agnostic soundbars working equally well with all TVs’ brands. Many other brands ‘object’ when used with other TVs. And in our experience, they are among the most reliable with their soundbars from 2015 and later still going strong. Don’t forget the 2020 soundbar range here offers exceptional value and quality, especially if you can get a run-out special.

Don’t forget that to get Dolby Atmos 3D spatial sound, you need a few things:

  • A TV that supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos with HDMI 2.1 and eARC
  • A soundbar that supports the above
  • HDMI 2.1 Ultra High speed 48Gbps cables
  • And Dolby Vision and Atmos content (Blue-ray, streaming etc.)

You can read more at our Dummies Guide to Dolby Atmos (simplified here).