LG InnoFest

GadgetGuy got a sneak preview of the scads of LG consumer products at the 2019 Asia-Pacific LG InnoFest held in Sydney.

LG Innofest is where LG showcase its range of consumer products

TV, laundry, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen appliances, air conditioning/purifiers, beauty, TV, XBoom speakers, smartphones and computer/IT and more.

Over 200 Asian buyers flew into Sydney with order books in hand. From what we saw they were impressed, especially with the high level of LG ThinQ AI integration and having such a wide range of lifestyle products. Unfortunately, many of these are for the Asian markets only – Australia is a little too small and niche. And some reflect levels of bling that would be out of place here.

LG Innofest

We have already reported on the 2019 TV range and the 2019 Soundbar range.

LG InnoFest
88″ 8K OLED
LG InnoFest


Readers may remember that the Meridian Tuned WK7 won our praise for the best Google Assistant Sound by far.

LG has a huge range of   XBoom home audio and portable speakers.

LG InnoFest

LG V50 5G

The LG V50 5G   may well be the first 5G phone in Australia, and it’s coming to Telstra before mid-year. It has very impressive smartphone specs using the new Qualcomm 855 flagship SoC. LG always uses premium Hi-Res sound and premium multi-cameras in its V-series.

Also seen was the LG G8 4G  and it shares much of the V50 heritage.

4K and Ultrawide monitors

LG make panels for a large number of premium monitor makers. Shown here is its 38-inch, 3840 x 1600, 21:9, USB-C monitor that at $2599 offers the ultimate in business use. When asked about the LG notebooks (shown right) Angus Jones said that volumes in Australia did not presently warrant importing but given increasing activity from Samsung and Huawei this market was under consideration.

LG InnoFest

Washing machines

LG has a range of top and front loaders, extra draw front loaders and LG Styler cabinet (add steam and vibration) to throw off wrinkles.

LG InnoFest

LG Cloi home

LG Cloi is a cute family of robots that can help in voice control, music streaming, scheduling and more. Think of it as Google Assistant on Terminator steroids. It is still very experimental.

LG InnoFest

LG Vacuum

GadgetGuy likes the LG A9 Master 2X CordZero stick vacuum cleaner. It shines as a premium product with the all-important two batteries for longer use. It now has a PowerDrive mop version and the R9 master robot.

LG InnoFest

Air conditioners and air purification

Then there is the space age purifier that appears to have the power to do a larger area than most competitive units. We also saw innovative ceiling fans with IoT smarts.

LG InnoFest

Angus Jones says LG is one of the top three brands in the consumer and commercial air-conditioning space.

Fridges, dishwashers, overs and more

LG has the innovative Knock, Knock Instaview to see inside as well as new compact models to fit into smaller cavities including counter depth and 900mm wide.

LG InnoFest

LG Beauty

Need a Derma LED mask or a  Galvanic Ion Booster – apparently, we do!

LG InnoFest

These items are very popular in the Asian market.

And finally LG Signature

These are the very best LG has to offer with minimalist premium finishes and features on TV, fridges, laundry and more.

LG InnoFest