LG builds a dual washer, delicates and regular garments simultaneously

Don’t like running two separately timed washes for your laundry? Regular clothes one day, delicates the next? No worries, because there’s a twin-barrel washing machine in the way.

While we’re still waiting for LG’s Android-controlled oven, it’s nice to see the company is working on some other creative ideas that make home life a little easier.

This year, the gadget that makes that possible is a washing machine with two barrels, essentially combing two washing machines together in an appliance that makes it possible to clean two loads of laundry at once.

It’s called the LG Twin Wash, which is a pretty representational name when you look at it, as the machine includes a barrel for a regular wash, as well as a smaller load down below with settings for normal, hand-washing, and underwear, spin only, full tube clean, and the choice of water temperatures.

Basically, the bottom washing machine is for extra garments that might need a smaller load, allowing you run them separately in their own washing machine, which will push back into a pedestal for the washing machine when not in use.

We do need to note that it’s not the same as having two full-size washing machines operating simultaneously, though it is similar. Rather, the smaller washing machine that makes the system “Twin Wash” is for smaller clothes, though we suspect you could probably separate whites and colours between the machines if you really wanted to.

Both washing machines incorporate a version of LG’s TrueStream technology, with this new cycle called “TurboSteam” which is a faster variant and can spray hot steam onto clothes quickly to clean clothes, remove bacteria, and help to quell wrinkles.

LG has also thrown in a “TurboWash” mode which relies on two nozzles in the washer to spray concentrated detergent on the clothes, followed by a burst of water particles and speedy spin cycle for a super speedy clean.

“One might be tempted to call the LG Twin Wash System disruptive, as it’s a completely new concept in appliances,” said Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution Company.

“The addition of a mini washer underneath the main washer translates to greater flexibility, convenience and efficiency. It’s also another big leap forward in our commitment to using cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas to make life better for consumers around the world.”

While LG isn’t saying much about the Australian availability of the Twin Wash, we suspect the mini washing machine that makes up the “twin” in the system could probably be matched to any number of LG washing machines or washer-dryer combos, provided the bottom base is wide enough to support the pedestal that is the base of the washing machine in question.

That said, we’re checking, because true convenience wouldn’t just be two washing machines as being shown at CES, but a washer-dryer combo with the extra washer underneath.