LG clears the water with new a big new fridge

The next time you go for a glass of water, you might want to turn to your fridge rather than the tap, and that’s because some new technologies are being built into the ice box to provide water that’s better for you.

If the kitchen is based around the sort of things you get from your fridge, the latest innovation in refrigeration technology has just found a way to make it even more indispensable with something that can be dispensed from a part of the fridge.

You’ve seen a tap in a fridge, and this helps you get ice and ice cold water, but what if that water can be clearer and better for you than any drop before it?


That’s a possibility with something LG has made in a fridge this year, with a French four-door refrigerator getting “triple filtration” for its ice creation and water dispensing, with a unique filter system designed to get rid of chlorine and other possible contaminants.

The system’s filters rely on a pre-carbon filter to remove heavy metals and chlorine, before the water moves onto an ultrafiltration membrane to get rid of particles and bacteria larger than 0.1 micrometers. Finally, water is pushed through a post-carbon filter to get rid of organic chemicals.

“Triple filtration helps to clean and remove impurities that can affect the taste or quality of water, such as residual chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and organic chemicals,” said Brad Reed, Home Appliance Marketing Manager at LG in Australia.

“The triple filtration fridge is great for anyone who doesn’t like drinking tap water, either because of the taste or because water conditions in their area lead to concerns about salinity or heavy chlorination.”


Water cleaning isn’t the only big deal feature here, with a fingerprint resistant black stainless steel finish, a “measured fill” function which will pour one of seven pre-programmed water amounts allowing you to skip the measuring jug, an air purification system built into the fridge to cut down on stale fridge odours, and LG’s door-in-door designed to let you open the fridge to get drinks out without opening the entire fridge up.

Let’s not mince words, however, because the biggest feature here is probably the size, as this is a big fridge.

Specifically, this is a 906 litre fridge (906L), meaning it provides enough food and beverage storage for most families, and a place for them to get clean water, too.

“This is the first time a refrigerator with a triple filtration water and ice system in Australia has been made available for sale to the public and we think it’s something that consumers will love,” said Reed.


Being a big fridge with big features, you’ll have to expect this one isn’t cheap, and it’s not.

In fact, with a recommended retail price of $6699, LG’s Door-in-Door French Door Refrigerator (or “LG GP-5D906BSL” if you want to be technical) is definitely not cheap, but you are getting a lot of fridge for that, even with support for LG’s Smart Diagnosis technology which grants you problem analysis using an app, something the company has been using on appliances recently.

“By combining the clever filtration system with the generous French four-door configuration and fingerprint-resistant finish, this refrigerator is the ultimate in kitchen convenience,” said Reed.


As for whether it’s ultimate enough for you, only you can be the judge, but you’ll find this fridge in stores now, so at least you can judge that for yourself.