LG goes retro with a new TV that probably won’t see release locally

Remember the good ‘ol days of TVs when they still had knobs and dials, and speakers that you could actually see on the front? LG does, and is bringing one of them back.

Unveiled in Korea, a new 32 inch telly from LG has been made to reinvent the old CRT TVs, replacing the once big tube with a Full HD In-Plane Switching LCD display.

The TV – which moves beyond the current minimalist design which most TV manufacturers share – incorporates the LCD inside a white wood frame with rotary dials and a speaker off to the right, mimicking the look of TVs from the 60s and 70s.

Outside of the look, it’s all modern TV, with ports for USB and support for smartphones over MHL, among other features.

Availability hasn’t yet been announced outside of South Korea, but we’re checking with LG to see whether this product will go beyond its borders and possibly visit ours.