LG NeON stop the energy rip-off – cheap solar panels are a bad investment


The new LG NeON solar panel range comes with the LG Australia 25-year product and performance warranty, including labour and parts. At 25 years, the NeON H panels will still have at least 90.6% efficiency.

LG Is not one to shout about its competitors – it quietly does its job. But some recent stats about a drastic reduction in Australian approved solar panels are enough to make any non-LG panel installation panic.

In the past few years, solar panel manufacturers exporting to Australia have dropped from 454 to 67. But scarier is that these manufacturers had 26,672 models/variants dropping to 2650 models (Clean Energy Council CEC approved list). What that means is over 24,000 models sold only a few years ago are now not supported and have no warranty. Australia has been a dumping ground for cheap, low efficiency (200W), limited-life panels supplied by fly-by-night installers not capable of honouring a 25-year warranty.

LG NeON range is now available in Australia.

LG NeON H, LG NeON H Black, LG NeON H Bi-Facial, LG NeON R and NeON R Prime

These modules have outstanding low-light performance, high-heat temperature tolerance, and salt corrosion resistance, making them ideal for installations right up to the Australian coastline.  The highly durable energy solution can withstand harsh weather conditions and is also resistant to light-induced degradation (LID), the loss of performance from exposure to sunlight in the initial hours after installation.

NeON solar modules are the most reliable and efficient renewable energy solution built to last in Australian conditions. LG rigorous hail resistance tests ensure the reliability of the modules under severe weather conditions.  

Gus Paviani, General Manager – Solar and Energy, LG Electronics Australia.

LG panels are available from reputable installers. At least get a quote on Australia’s best panels and batteries. Visit LG’s solar website here

Name Description Use 
NeON H The 370-390W residential and 445-455W commercial sizeVersatile for coastal or rural installations for either residential or large commercial projects 
370W black cells, black frames and black back sheet.       Aesthetically pleasing uniform appearance to complement any roof 
350 to 360 Watts for residential and 430 to 440 Watts for commercial applications. Bi-Facial cells absorb sunlight from both sides. Suitable for carports, part of a building integrated solution or facades. 
NeON R NeON R Prime LG’s premium range of solar modules.
435-440W models. Prime ranges from 420 to 425 Watts. 
Ideal for customers looking for visually pleasing roofs and for roofs where space is tight. 

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