LG throws its hands into fitness bands

While 2014’s CES has been mostly about how Ultra HD TVs plan to change our future, there has been a lot of talk about smart accessories, and that’s one area where LG sees itself this year, too.

There will be two accessories to start with from LG, with the “Lifeband Touch” acting as an activity tracker, connecting to smartphones across Android and iOS, as well as select heart rate monitors, while the Heart Rate Earphones from LG will monitor your body while you listen to music.

That last one, the Heart Rate Earphones (above), use a technology from PerformTek to track blood flow signals in the ear, taking this information and providing oxygen consumption and heart rate from this tracking, while the Bluetooth connection can send this to smartphones, or conversely, the Lifeband that you wear on your wrist.

Similar to the Jawbone Up, the Lifeband Touch (below) will use sensors to track movement, elevation, speed, steps, and calories for the fitness, but unlike other available fitness bands, will feature a touch OLED screen to show the biometric information, among other things.

In fact, if you don’t wear a watch, this will show the time, phone calls, and even music control, making it like a smart watch, even if it’s more a “smart band.”

“We wanted to introduce wearable fitness products that met the expectations of today’s tech savvy consumers and brought something new to the table, which in our case meant exceptional design, comfort and functionality,” said LG Australia’s Lambro Skropidis, General Manager of Marketing for LG in this country.

“The uniqueness of our wearable devices is that they weren’t just designed for exercise but also for day-to-day use in the office or around the home.”

LG hasn’t yet confirmed whether either of these products will land in Australia just yet, but we’d say it’s likely, especially since smart accessories are slated to be a big deal from so many other companies in 2014.