LG washer/dryer combo reduces laundry crush

LG had released a combination washer/dryer that incorporates steam technology to reduce creasing in clothing and the time spent on ironing.

A washing machine and condensing dryer in one, the Combined Steam Washer and Dryer has a steam refreshh cycle that, using no detergent and taking no water into the drum, blasts clothes with steam to deodorise and reduce creasing. This cycle is ideal for items such as business shirts that may not necessarily need a wash but may be creased and have a musky smell. The refresh cycle deodorises clothes and reduces creasing in 20 minutes, saving water and energy that may have been used having put the clothes through a wash/rinse/spin cycle.

Available in pearl white, bold black and champagne pink finishes, the Combined Steam Washer and Dryer has been awarded the 2006 Top Energy Saver Award (TESAW) award boasting a 4.5 star energy rating. The product also has a minimum 4 Star Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS) rating.

Other features of the Combined Steam Washer and Dryer include:

  • A dual spray system which sprays both water and steam on clothes continuously throughout the wash cycle
  • Direct drive motor – a brushless DC motor attached directly to the centre of the drum resulting in increased durability, stability and energy efficiency and reduced noise and vibrations. LG offers a 10 year warranty on the Direct Drive System on the part only excluding labour.
  • Condensing drying system – this blows hot air into the drum to evaporate moisture from clothes which is then condensed back into water and drained. LG claims this is a gentler drying system than conventional ventilation dryers.
  • Load sensing – the machine detects the load, adjusting wash time, rinse time and water quantity used to ensure optimum washing results while using the least amount of water and energy.
  • LCD display – allows users to view selected programmes, washing cycle progress and cycle time remaining.
  • Water recirculation – recirculates the water inside the drum throughout the washing and rinse cycles. This feature is designed to improve the dissolution of detergent as well as improve washing and rinsing performance.

The Combined Steam Washer and Dryer is available in the following sizes: 10 kg washer/6 kg dryer; 9 kg washer/5 kg dryer; 8 kg washer/4 kg dryer. Prices range from $2,499 RRP to $3,499 RRP.