LG WashTower – 17kg washer and 10kg Heat Pump

LG WashTower

If you have a large family, a laundry space problem and a lazy $5999, the LG WashTower has a large capacity 17kg washer and a 10kg Heat Pump dryer in a premium, single-stacked tower design.

It has a 2021 Red Dot Design Awards, with an honourable mention for exceptional design. This solution offers ease of use via the touchpad central control panel. It is available in Black Steel and White finishes, so the appliance will integrate with a range of laundry design themes.

LG WashTower tech

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  • LG AI Direct Drive (AI DD) technology on the front load washer. This feature weighs the load and assesses the fabric to select the best wash motions in the selected cycle. The unit can also share information on the wash load with the dryer via the ‘Smart Pairing’ feature. It automatically sest the optimal drying course for added convenience.
  • TurboClean technology where water jets during the wash cycle improves wash performance and shortens wash times.
  • Allergy cycle (download via the ThinQ app) utilises the power of steam to remove common household allergens in fabrics.
  • LG ThinQ app allows users to monitor washing and drying cycles and energy consumption, receive alerts, help diagnose appliance problems and download new cycles.
  • 10-star energy rating and delivers efficient drying to clothing and other household items, such as towels and sheets. It uses low heat to gently dry clothes through heat pump technology. This reduced the risk of material shrinkage and breakdown while using less electricity than traditional vented dryers.

“At LG Australia, we are passionate about providing convenient cleaning solutions for every type of household. With this in mind, we are confident Australian consumers will love the features and benefits provided by the innovative WashTower,”

Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager of Home Appliances at LG Electronics Australia.

GadgetGuy has a terrific guide showing the difference between vented, condenser, and heat pump dryers here.