LG’s 84 inch 4K TV goes on sale in Australia

The first generation of big screen Ultra High Definition TVs is heading to stores, and hopefully your living room, provided you have the cash to part with.

Four times the size of a 42 inch TV and featuring a higher resolution than either of Sharp’s 80 and 90 inch LCD TVs, the LG 84 inch TV is one of the world’s only 4K TV models, offering up 8 million pixels for a hair under $16 grand.

LG isn’t alone in offering a 4K TV, with Sony selling its own UHDTV for $25K, though from what we understand, Sony’s uses the LG panel with its own technologies.

Stick four 42 inch TVs together and you get the 84 inch TV. It's that big.

Both TVs lack a true 4K delivery mechanism right now, though they can upscale both DVD and Blu-ray content, however the results may vary.

We played with one recently, and found 3D is also supported, working in Full HD 1080p with the same passive 3D glasses we’re all used to in the cinemas.

It’s worth pointing out that you will need a decent chunk of change to be among the first with one of these 4K babies, though in the coming year, we expect the price to drop and more sizes to become available, such as the smaller TVs being planned by budget brand Hisense.

Still, if you have the cash and aren’t exactly swayed by the 1080p Samsung 9 series or 90 inch Sharp, you might want to find a shop with the LG in it, or head to a Sony Store with the 4K model, because these are the new must have TVs for the early adopter to own.