LifeProof makes an iPad Mini harder to break

Some of us are just clumsy, and while technology is often getting stronger, sometimes you just need a case. Fortunately, if you’re an iPad Mini owner and are a little clumsy and know it, there’s a new accessory arriving to stop the tears from any unexpected (or semi-expected) falls.

We’ve all seen broken iPhone screens, and broken Android screens, and now that the slightly larger computers known as tablets are very portable, we’re half expecting to see more broken screens on these, too.

It could be because the tablets are small, slippery, and easy to drop, or it could even be that we’re all becoming a little too relaxed about technology, throwing it around like it’s a water bottle.

Hopefully that’s not the case, but if you’re still worried about a tablet meeting an untimely end all too quickly, a new case has popped up, making it possible for owners of at least one tablet to cut down the risk.

If you spent the money on an iPad Mini with Retina, the case is for you, with LifeProof launching the frē for iPad Mini 3, a case with several elements to make the iPad more durable, and yet still able to access some of the high end features the new iPad Mini arrived with.

The design incorporates a screen protector to stop the odd scratch here and there, and we’re told you’ll find impact resistance on the edges, which is one of the chief places a broken screen can come from. We’ve even told that the design of the LifeProof frē features military-grade shock resistance, while still keeping the fingerprint sensor on the home button active by way of some thin film protection.

All of this protection makes the iPad Mini 3 submersible in water up to two metres in depth for an hour, while it should survive a drop of up to 1.2 metres.

“The iPad has been designed to allow for flexibility wherever life takes you,” said LifeProof’s Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region, Steve Nisbet. “Now with LifeProof, life – and tablet – can take you almost anywhere – land, water or air.”

We’re checking with LifeProof to find out what other tablets it will be rolling out its cases for this year because there are more devices out there than just what Apple produces, but so far, the company is remaining pretty tight-lipped about new non-Apple slates that will get the LifeProof treatment.

Still, we’ll let you know when we do, but otherwise, you’ll find the LifeProof frē for iPad Mini 3 in stores shortly for a recommended retail price of $129.95.