Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk is a brilliant work-from-anywhere idea

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk

To date, remote and hybrid workers have had to rely on conventional office equipment to work from anywhere. While technology like laptops and smartphones means it’s easy to log into work wherever you have an internet connection, lugging around additional peripherals is still cumbersome for many. That’s why the Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk caught my eye – it’s a nifty all-in-one portable ergonomic desk and peripherals kit that looks like a brilliant work-from-anywhere solution.

Housed within a book-like case, the Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk includes a pop-up laptop stand, a wireless keyboard, a touchpad, and storage space for stationery and cables. Although taking a laptop with you is fairly straightforward, taking a keyboard, mouse, and laptop stand as well is a pain, no matter how good your backpack or satchel is. Having your main peripherals neatly compartmentalised and sold in a single easy-to-access package is incredibly clever. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, however, given Logitech’s strong history of ergonomic devices.

“Working long hours in front of a PC can take a toll on the body, especially when you do not have a fixed workspace,” Joseph Mingori, vice president of Mobile Solutions & Partnerships at Logitech said. “With Casa Pop-Up Desk, we are able to deliver a sustainable, cross-OS compatible, and ergonomic solution that addresses workspace limitations so people feel energised at the end of the workday.”

What’s included in the Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk?

The main body of the kit is the Casa Book. Aptly named, it folds out revealing its inner compartments and a slot where you can place your laptop to raise it at a higher level so you don’t have to slouch over your workspace. It’s intended to be used at home or where you don’t have a permanent desk setup, so you can prop the Casa Book up on any surface and quickly pack it away when not working.

Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk Work From Home Kit with Laptop Stand, Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad, Bluetooth, USB C Charging, for Laptop/MacBook (10” to 17”) – Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS – Bohemian Blush
  • My Work My Life My Home: With Casa Pop Up Desk, you decide where comfy, focused work happens in the home; when the workday is done, place this folding desk out of sight, out of mind
  • Make More Room for the Things You Love: With a keyboard, touchpad, laptop riser and storage all in one compact kit, you can enjoy every inch of your home office space
  • Great Work On Any Surface: Reach your full potential from anywhere in the home – be it a dining table, high countertop, or simply a corner that catches the sunrays
  • Laptop Days, 40% Comfier*: The book-like case unfolds into an ergonomic laptop stand, raising your screen to eye level for noticeably better posture, however long you need it
  • A Familiar Experience: Enjoy the laptop-like feel you know and love on Casa Keys and Casa Touch, the minimalist wireless keyboard and smooth wireless touchpad

On the inside are the Casa Keys and Casa Touch, a wireless keyboard and glass touchpad. Both svelte in size, they’re made to connect to your device via Bluetooth, adding to the convenient form factor. Both devices also work with the Logi Options+ App, so you can tweak settings to your liking.

Available to pre-order now for $289.95 from retailers ahead of a 21 September release, the Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk comes in three colour options: Nordic Calm, Bohemian Blush, and Classic Chic. Sleek, stylish and practical, it seems like decent value once you factor in how much buying each equivalent peripheral would cost.

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