Logitech gives ergonomics a Lift with new mouse

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Comfort is the latest focus from Logitech, with the announcement of the Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, a wireless mouse designed for all-day use.

Its vertically contoured design is intended for users with medium-sized or smaller hands, adding to the company’s range of Ergo Series peripherals. The new Lift mouse features a soft rubber grip and a thumb rest to help you maintain a natural resting position, reducing strain on your forearm and wrist. To be precise, it helps hold your hand at an ergonomic 57-degree angle.

From a functionality standpoint, Lift includes the standard left and right-click buttons, a silent magnetic SmartWheel for scrolling, in addition to a middle button and two buttons above where your thumb rests. Wireless compatible through either Bluetooth Low Energy or a Logi Bolt USB receiver, Lift can connect to all sorts of devices including Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and various Android operating systems. So you can keep working across multiple workstations, the ergonomic mouse can swap between up to three multi-OS devices via the Logitech Flow configuration.

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse in rose.

Available in three different colours – rose, off-white, and graphite – a percentage of each Lift mouse is made from sustainable materials. 70% of the plastic parts found in the graphite variant are made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics, while the other two colours are slightly lower at 54%. In line with many other tech companies’ push for sustainability and reducing waste, 65% of Logitech mice and keyboards currently include some level of PCR.

Left-handers can breathe easy, as the graphite model comes in both right and left-handed versions. When it releases in May, the Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse will retail for $129.95 locally. Additionally,  Lift for Business, an enterprise model that enables IT staff to remotely manage firmware upgrades, will launch in June, with pricing for the graphite-only device coming soon.

Ergonomics is an important part of any work setup, so it’s nice to see another option joining the market. While the Lift may look odd to those of us used to conventional mice, it certainly looks comfy to use.

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