Logitech K600 Smart TV keyboard (announcement)

K600 Smart TV keyboard
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At first glance, the Logitech K600 Smart TV keyboard looks like a keyboard with a round touchpad. But on closer inspection, you discover all the extra controls you need including a navigation wheel (D-Pad), OK button and more.

It is currently compatible with 4K Samsung and LG TVs from 2016 onwards. Logitech is working on increasing that. It is also fully compatible with Windows and Mac.

The app allows setup for a web browser, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Spotify. Again, this list range will increase.

As it is a Bluetooth device as well, it will connect to any Bluetooth enabled smart TV or device that supports HID (Human Interface Devices). The keyboard and trackpad will work but the D-Pad and custom keys may not. It has several in-built configuration options to try.


It uses either Bluetooth or a Logitech USB Unifying receiver. Plug this into a USB port on the TV.

Use the web browser to go to the K600setup portal or PC/Mac users download the Logitech Options app.

K600 Smart TV keyboard

K600 Smart TV keyboard specs

  • Wireless keyboard (not backlit)
  • Works with Unifying receiver (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, Tizen, WebOS and iOS)
  • Bluetooth LE
  • 15-metre range
  • 12 months battery life from 2 AAA batteries
  • Will connect to three devices (LEDs show which device)
  • 368 x 118 x 20mm x 500g
  • 1-year warranty
  • A$99.95
  • Website here

GadgetGuy’s take. About time!

If you have tried to navigate around a smart TV with a remote – well its a pain in the a*&^e! What I like is that it gives precise control for an on-screen cursor.

As a long time user of HTPC keyboards (the excellent Logitech K830TV) it seems to offer the one thing I need. To get rid of one more remote.

GadgetGuy will be testing this soon.