Logitech MK545 combo – wireless keyboard and mouse

Logitech MK545 combo includes a full-sized K454 keyboard and its M510 mouse.

The layout is stock standard – good for home typists with the four arrow keys under the traditional Insert/Delete block instead of tucked under the Enter key. Logitech calls this ‘instantly familiar’.

Logitech MK545 comboLogitech MK545 tiltIt has also added an integrated palm rest that is best for hunt and peck typists (touch typists are taught to keep wrists off the rest/desk). The board tilts from flat to 4° to 8°. Powered by 2 x AA batteries that should last up to three years. it is best for home use as lettering is printed on.

The M510 is a laser style with precise tracking. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries for up to 24 months use and uses the same USB Unifying Receiver as the keyboard.

It operates with Windows, Chrome or Android devices.

Price and availability Logitech MK545

A$99.95 online or from major retailers.

GadgetGuy’s take – Logitech MK545 combo

I always have like Logitech kit – be it mice, keyboards, webcams, remotes and speakers. Well made, and it scoops the pool with design awards.

The key to getting the best from any mouse or keyboard is to match your needs to what it provides. This is perfect for home use.

Things you need to ask are

  • Decal, painted or injection moulded letters? Decal is cheap and wears off quickly. Painted will eventually wear off especially if you have long nails. Injection moulded means the letter is mould through the keycap and will never wear off.
  • Membrane, Chiclet or mechanical keys switches? Membrane (two conductive bubble surfaces touch), chiclet (more on laptops), and mechanical are all very different. The latter is the best for speed/touch typists and lasts for more than 50 million keystrokes.
  • Tilt or flat? 4° is the usual keyboard setting. Avoid cheap flat keyboards.
  • USB, Bluetooth or cable? Bluetooth is by far more convenient. Logitech’s USB Unifying receiver is more reliable. Both need batteries. Some have rechargeable batteries. Cable connectionis the most reliable.
  • Backlit or not? Increasingly backlit is more popular as they illuminate either through the keycaps or around the keys. Again these need a battery.
  • Extra keys? Don’t worry about too many fancy media keys unless you are a gamer or need them for an application.

What do I use?

I use the Logitech G series as they are best for massive workloads and built to withstand the rigours of a touch-typing journalist.

Home: Logitech’s G series Orion Blue mechanical keyboard and an MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse.  prefer standard mice shapes as I am left handed.

Work: Logitech G series G613 wireless mechanical keyboard and G603 wireless mouse. I use wireless as I often need to clear the desk to look closely at review items.

GadgetGuy’s review is here.