Moshi delivers a simple glance to iPhones (just like the Galaxy Note 3)

If you look at your iPhone and feel a little envious of the quick glance covers that owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have, your time has come as accessory maker Moshi finds a way to make it happen.

That solution is coming in the form of a case, the first of its kind for the iPhone that lets you take calls without even removing the case or flipping it open.

To make this happen, Moshi has developed the “SenseCover”, a touch-sensitive cover that attaches to either the iPhone 5 or 5S and has the right space cut out for you to see the time and who’s calling, as well as a touch panel down below so you can still do the needed swipes to answer a phone call, or tell your alarm to buzz off.

No app is needed to make the SenseCover work as it just relies on the same functionality and design Apple brought to the iPhone 5 and 5S, courtesy of iOS 7 (sorry iPhone 5C owners, we checked, but your phone isn’t compatible).

The touch-sensitive technology, however, takes the basic swipe gesture from the iPhone and transfers to one row of touch-sensitive connectors on the cover based on Moshi’s proprietary plates, making it possible to swipe these when you want to answer a call, just like you would on a screen.

If an alarm is sounding, you can swipe across these in the same way, silencing the alarm in its tracks.

A magnetic clasp keeps the cover held against the phone, and you can pull the front cover out of the way when you actually need to use the phone, while a polycarbonate backing keeps the phone protected from minor clashes with other objects and still letting the camera peek out from underneath.

Pricing for the Moshi SenseCover comes in at $59.95 both in Australia and New Zealand, with availability now in both “Steel Black” and “Brushed Titanium.”