Moshi shows off a crouching iPad case with a hidden keyboard

Do you only like your iPad when it’s used with a keyboard, but find that last part too bulky? Moshi has an answer with a case that hides its keys.

A second announcement from accessory maker Moshi has just hit our desks in the form of the VersaKeyboard, a creative take on the iPad standing cover case with a surprised hidden behind.

Our attempt at a movie referral in the title wasn’t in vain, either, as the Moshi VersaKeyboard case for the iPar Air both crouches and features a hidden keyboard.

Like the origami-style cases Asus once made for its Windows 8 tablets, this Moshi case features a cover that has creases in several places to make it possible to fold the flat soft cover and turn it into a stand, propping the iPad Air up at an angle.

With the keyboard, that’s there too, but Moshi has designed the back of the case with a special slot for the keyboard, making it easy for you to store a wireless Bluetooth keyboard when you’re not using it, and then pull it out for when you are.

It’s a neat concept, and one that’s sure to intrigue iPad owners tired of heaving around the keyboard cases that pack a non-removable keyboard in the design. Moshi’s case has already piqued the attention of at least one GadgetGuy staffer who thought it could work for them.

As with all iPad keyboards, it connects over Bluetooth and charges over microUSB, but given that the keyboard isn’t connected to the case, there’s no reason why you can’t use it with another device as well.

Unfortunately for iPad 2 owners (and those of you with a 3, 4, or iPad Mini), this case is strictly for the iPad Air only, and should be heading to stores in Australia for $129.99 in black only.