mypressi Twist portable espresso coffee maker

The mypressi Twist portable espresso coffee maker is now available in Australia, and is being distributed by Tobys Estate.

Winner of the 2009-2010 “Best New Product” Award from the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA), the mypressi delivers espresso coffee without the need of mains or battery power, instead the coffee-making process is powered by small gas cartridges.

Price and availability

The mypressi Twist has an RRP of $299, and is available from Tobys Estate cafes and the Tobys Estate website. Included for that price is the Twist, 3 delivery baskets (for espresso grind; coarse (plunger) grind or coffee pods), a tamper, starter gas cartridges, a drip-catching coaster and a travel pouch. Additional gas cartridges are about 80 cents each.


Coffee options: Ground coffee or ESE pods (with optional adapter)
Size: 26.67 cm length by 8.89 cm width by 8.89 cm height
Pressure: 135 psi (9 bars) over the entire shot
Pressure source: 100% recyclable standard gas cartridges, approximately 8 single or 4 double shots per cartridge
Extraction time: 20-30 seconds for an ideal extraction