NBC to bring reality TV in one streaming package

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Reality TV has its hits and misses, but if you’re an avid watcher of any show with the name “Kardashian” or the phrase “The Real Housewives of” in the title, a new Netflix-like service could be for you.

Set to launch in May, the service will be geared at fans of reality TV produced by NBCUniversal, which includes the likes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, “Made In Chelsea”, “The Millionaire Matchmaker”, “Million Dollar Listing”, “I Am Cait”, and various other shows that people who don’t watch reality TV aren’t aware are real programs.


Called “Hayu”, the service will have over 3000 episodes of reality TV shows in its system, while it will include a Netflix-like service to let subscribers access the the episodes whenever they want, it will also include TV shows with same day launches as their US counterparts.

Aside for grabbing people into reality TV, the service also hopes to bring people keen to share their reality TV experiences with friends thanks to an ability to share portions of content from each episode, which Hayu says can be sent directly from social media services that are connected to its platform.

Pricing of Hayu is set to be $5.99 per month and like its other streaming service competitors won’t lock subscribers into contracts, running the roughly $6 buck price on a month to month plan, with playback through apps.


In fact to get access, you’ll probably want a mobile, tablet, computer, or a smart app, though Hayu has yet to say which of the many smart TVs will support its app.

Launch is set for March, so it shouldn’t take long until that list is revealed.