New floor head from Dyson gets down low


A Dyson vacuum cleaner floor head with a super slim profile to help you manoeuvre beneath couches is one of several additions Dyson has made to its latest floorcare releases, called the DC19 range.

Called the Flat Out tool, it?s available on the new DC19Y, pictured below. This slim, Dyson-designed floor head saves you having to do any heavy lifting of couches or objects that you would normally have to shift when vacuuming.

The DC19Y has Dyson?s Radix Cyclone technology (so they don?t clog and lose suction). These cyclones use centrifugal force to separate dirt, dust and debris from the air, collecting them in a bin which pops open with one press. It also features onboard tool storage, a hard floor tool, a washable filter (that never needs replacing, unless you are vacuuming up building dirt or you prefer the peace of mind of having a spare) and the DC19Y retails for $599 RRP.

For an extra $200 you can buy the DC19B-HEPA ($799 RRP) which comes with a Dyson-designed air-driven turbine head which is designed for picking up dirt on carpets and features HEPA + Bactisafe to remove any microscopic nasties on contact.

If you are tight on space, the DC20 Stowaway is like its name suggests ? easy to store. With a telescopic wand and hose that wraps around its body it is easier to carry and store.

But wait?there are even more Dysons on the loose!

The bronze DC20TBZ ($699 RRP) has Radix Cyclone technology, Dyson?s telescopic wrap system, a contact head tool (designed so that its neck articulates, keeping the tool in constant contact with the floor), onboard tool storage, a washable filter and a bin that empties at a click.

Finally there?s the DC20TCP-TBN ($899 RRP). This copper coloured vacuum cleaner features Radix Cyclone technology, a turbine head, hard floor tool, HEPA + Bactisafe, onboard tools, washable filter and the bin which clicks open with a press.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners are approved for allergy suffers by the British Allergy Foundation and Dyson?s HEPA models are also exclusively accepted by the National Asthma Council Australia?s Sensitive Choice program.