The LG WK7 ThinQ speaker is a Google Assistant enabled Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker with a pedigree. It is the first product co-developed by LG and Meridian Audio.

LG WK7 ThinQLG partnered with Meridian Audio to bring high-end audiophile expertise to many of its products. For 40 years Meridian has been at the leading edge of high-resolution audio, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and experts in the field of psychoacoustics.

If you drive a McLaren or Jaguar/Land Rover, the UK-based Meridian Audio will be a familiar name.

So, what does this mean to the LG WK7 ThinQ speaker (Australian website here)

GadgetGuy is yet to review this speaker. We heard it for a few minutes in the wide-open spaces of the MCA at its launch.

It was impressive with great bass/mids indicating at least a dual-driver speaker setup. We used a frequency response meter, and it had an excellent flat signal from around 50Hz to 18,000kHz. Volume was more than 80dB – high for a speaker.

It upscales typical 16-bit CD, Radio, MP3 formats to 24-bit/96kHz sound. The speaker supports Hi-Res lossless codecs like AIFF, WAV, OGG and FLAC.