Ola rideshare now in Melbourne

Ola rideshare

Ola rideshare, one of the world’s largest rideshare platforms is now in Melbourne after successful launches in Perth and Sydney.

To celebrate its launch Ola is offering Melbourne customers a free ride. Simply download the Ola app from Google Play or iOS App Store, and register for an Ola account to book rides.

Chandra Nath, Vice President, Head of International, Ola said, “We’re humbled by the response from customers and driver-partners alike in Perth and Sydney. We are incredibly excited about launching Ola in Melbourne. Our hope is that hope customers and driver-partners continue to share their feedback to help us improve our service, as we continue on our journey to provide Australia with the best rideshare experience possible.”

Ola is working to rollout in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart. Details on new cities will follow soon.

Driver-partners wanted

Ola has now over 15,000 Australian driver-partner registrations. It offers them a low 7.5% introductory commission rate and daily payments to earn more money and access it easily.

Its first Town Hall event was attended by over 100 Australian driver-partners. Ola outlined new initiatives for its customers and driver-partners. These include updates to the Ola app and building its local support team. The result is a better rideshare experience.

Driver-partners can learn more about driving and registering with Ola by visiting drive.olacabs.com

What is different about Ola rideshare?

Yes, it offers the same service as others. Use an app to book the nearest available car. But its key difference is that it uses a hyperlocal approach – having drivers based everywhere to do almost anything.

In its birthplace, India, it has launched a ‘hyperlocal news’ service. It is powered by the masses of OLA drivers – on-and-off duty. The initiative called Ola News Network (ONN) offers riders valuable and timely insights into traffic, weather and local information.

A digital TV channel delivers updates directly to the Ola app on user’s phone.  With Ola’s drivers acting as hyperlocal reporters, catering to queries and demands posed by users instantly becomes easier.

GadgetGuy covered the Australian launch in Perth in February. We suspect we will hear much more from the company about its value-added services.