OPPO outlines the future of very fast charge

Oppo charge

Right now, OPPO can fast charge a 4500mAh smartphone battery with a 65W SuperVOOC charger in about 30 minutes. That record is about to be rewritten – in several important ways.

Fast charge is not about pouring heaps of volts and amps into a battery. That can put a lot of stress on a lithium-ion battery, and the last thing OPPO wants is a Samsung Note 7 repeat. So, first and foremost, it has redefined fast/smart charging technologies with ‘Safety at the Core”.

At its Fast Charge open day, it announced a five-fold safety protection system in addition to exploring new battery materials and charging technology. Future OPPO SuperVOOC enabled phones will feature:

  • Low impedance fast-blow fuse to protect against electricity overload or abnormalities.
  • Gallium Nitride (GaN) switches replacing MOSFET for lower heat generation improve charging efficiency and reliability.
  • Bi-Cell batteries allow the same power output while taking less space – or about 5% more power in the same space.
  • AI Battery Safety Detection chip to detect if batteries have suffered damage.
  • Five-layer composite current collector replaces the usual aluminium sandwich passing 100% puncture resistance and collision tests.

As soon as the technology is commercially available, OPPO will bring this new intelligently optimised and personalised charging experience to users. OPPO has always been a global pioneer in smart charging technology. Our latest innovations show a combination of this expertise and our understanding of consumers’ mindsets and expectations.

Managing Director of OPPO Australia Michael Tran

Fast charge versus smart charge

While the fastest possible charging is the aim, there are many scenarios where it is a waste. Overnight charging only needs a trickle charge. Then there is top-up, Qi charging, always on a charger, and need a quick charge now!

AI battery management can identify different charging scenarios and apply the most appropriate. The result is even after as many as 1,500 charge cycles (most phones have a life of 500-1000 cycles), OPPO can maintain the phone’s battery capacity to 80% of its original capacity

As of 30 June 2021, OPPO has applied for over 3,000 patents related to fast/smart charge technology. More than 30 devices support VOOC Flash technology with over 195 million global users.

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