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LG SK10Y Dolby Atmos Soundbar (review)
4.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $1,699
Manufacturer: LG

LG has refreshed its soundbar series for 2018 with five new models. The three lower models offer 2.1 channels. That is, the bar is stereo and there’s a separate subwoofer. But the LG SK10Y is the top of the line model. It has 5.1.2 channels. And they’re not just fake channels. And, blow me down, it sounds like an audio product ought to.


The LG SK10Y also consists of two parts (well, three including the remote control). The bar is quite substantial, weighing 7.5 kilograms and measuring 1443mm wide, 146mm deep and 63mm wide. Its width is a good match for a 65 inch TV. I paired it with a 2018 LG OLED65C8 TV (reviewed here).

Packed inside it are seven 50-watt amplifiers driving ten speakers.

The front left, centre and front right channel speakers each consist of an oval woofer and a round tweeter. On the ends are two of the oval woofers doing full range duty and acting as surround speakers. On the top at either end are two round full range speakers for Dolby Atmos work.


Dolby Atmos can refer to many things, it seems. For movie makers, it’s a system for mixing and carrying surround sound using audio “objects”. Those are decoded by a Dolby Atmos playback system using many different combinations of speakers. But it also means “height”. Instead of the surround sound being just to your front, sides and rear, Dolby Atmos includes sound over your head.

Those two speakers on the top are what’s called “Dolby Enabled” speakers. They sound shoots upwards. The sound is processed in a way that is intended to make the overhead effect convincing.

At the back, the LG SK10Y soundbar has two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. It supports the Audio Return Channel. Your TV can send its audio back down that HDMI cable so that the soundbar produces the sound.

Glowing through the grille is a display with relevant information about what input and sound mode are in use.

Wireless peripherals for the LG SK10Y

As part of the LG SK10Y package, there’s an equally hefty subwoofer. It weighs 7.6 kilograms and stands 390mm tall, 221mm wide and 313mm deep. The design is bass reflex, with a flared port on the back and a driver of uncertain size on the front. Inside is a 200 watt Class D amplifier.

The subwoofer and soundbar are pre-paired.

Then there’s the infrared remote control and LG Wi-Fi Speaker app for iOS and Android. You will need that app to initially set up the speaker if you’re planning on a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, that app can send music from your phone to the speaker via the network

Or you can connect a device using Bluetooth.