Samsung UA46B8000 LED TV
4.4Overall Score
Price (RRP): $4,999 Manufacturer: Samsung

Next time you’re at a large consumer electronics retailer, find the higher quality Samsung TVs, walk around to their sides and have a close look. Or even a distant look, for there is nothing subtle about what you will see. These TVs are thin.
Not a little thinner than the old ones, but one third or less the thickness: a hair under 30 mm.

This is seriously impressive stuff. And it is with this feature, along with a host of high-end functions, that the Samsung UA46B8000 comes.


Those features? LED backlighting for one.

But I must be clear about this. When I wrote about a 950 series Samsung LED/LCD TV last year, I raved about the way the grid of LEDs could be used to brighten and darken different parts of the screen. But that was a 108 mm thick TV. This one uses LED backlighting for a different purpose: to allow the panel to be very slim. It does not have the same ability to control different sections of the screen.

Samsung has bumped up its ‘Motion Flow’ image-smoothing processing to 200 hertz. It has improved its USB multimedia performance by adding a second USB socket, one of which supports hard disks drives that don’t demand too much power, and by adding to the media formats supported so now it could play my test MPG, AVI and DiVX files, including full high definition ones. You also have DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) support so the unit can play multimedia from computers on the network you have it plugged into. Or you can use Samsung’s wireless LAN adaptor with one of the USB sockets ($99).


Before getting to the picture this TV produces, let me spare a few words for the user conveniences it offers. Obviously its main menu system is extremely rich, given the number of options and features provided. But there is a convenient ‘Tools’ menu which is somewhat context sensitive, generally including a list of ten or so things that are relevant to what’s on the screen.

One thing that pops up the list is an access point to any CEC devices connected via HDMI. In fact, if you’re watching TV you can switch to, say, Blu-ray by popping this up and selecting the device. That will switch the TV to the appropriate HDMI input and make it remotely turn on the Blu-ray player. Once that’s going you can use the play/stop/fast forward controls on the TV’s remote.