Roborock Q5 Pro joins the robot vacuum hair-fighting alliance

Roborock Q5 Pro australia launch
Image: Roborock.

Bringing more features at an affordable price, the Roborock Q5 Pro series of robot vacuums has arrived in Australia with an improved brush system.

Tackling hair has been on the agenda for robot vacuum manufacturers for a while. All too often, older and cheaper models require manual intervention to remove tangles caused by long hair and pet fur.

Roborock’s solution is its rubber DuoRoller brush first seen in the brand’s S8 models. It’s designed to pick up hair more efficiently without tangles, addressing a common complaint. At $699, the Roborock Q5 Pro is the most affordable device so far to include the DuoRoller technology, which is supported by a peak suction power of 5,500Pa.

It also includes many of the standard features enlisted by modern robot vacuums. Mopping, LiDAR navigation, and smart device controls are all found here.

Sitting alongside the Roborock Q5 Pro is the upcoming Pro+ model, differentiated by its accompanying dock. Not yet priced in Australia, the Q5 Pro+ comes with the RockDock Plus station, capable of automatically emptying the vac’s dust bin. According to Roborock, you can go up to seven weeks before needing to manually empty the dock.

Roborock Q5 Pro series price and release date in Australia

Out now, the Roborock Q5 Pro costs $699 across Australian retailers including Amazon. Local pricing and availability for the dock-inclusive Q5 Pro+ is yet to be confirmed. However, as reported on, this model costs US$699 overseas, which might put it around $1,000, similar to the Ecovacs Deebot N10 Plus.

Elsewhere, Eufy is also combatting hair tangles with its premium X10 Pro Omni model. Its technique revolves around a V-shaped roller brush aided by a built-in comb to help brush out long strands of hair.

For now, the Q5 Pro follows the brand’s February launch of its mid-range Q8 Max+ robot vac.

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