Roborock Q8 Max+ arrives in Australia with carpet cleaning boost

Roborock Q8 Max+ Australia launch
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Roborock has launched the Q8 Max+ robot vacuum in Australia, its latest mid-range model with more suction power, better smarts, and a better brush for cleaning carpets.

A successor to the Q7 equivalent, the Roborock Q8 Max+ steps up the performance in multiple areas, starting with power. It has a peak suction power of 5,500Pa, up from the previous model’s 4,200Pa. Even though the Q8 Max+ has the same 5,200mAh battery capacity, it’s now tested to last a full hour longer in between charges – up to 240 minutes in total.

It also benefits from one of the big upgrades introduced with the Roborock S8 range last year: a dual roller brush. Alongside more suction power, the upgraded brush is designed to pick up hair and dirt more efficiently when cleaning carpeted surfaces.

Designed to be a reasonably-priced middle option between Roborock’s entry-level and premium models, the Q8 Max+ also mops floors, coming with an auto-empty station. This dock, which also doubles as a charging base for the robot, empties both dust and water. It doesn’t have the self-mop-cleaning functionality seen in pricier models, like the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra or Ecovacs’ Deebot T20 Omni, but it can still refill the robot’s water tank in between cleaning runs.

Better obstacle avoidance is another improvement to the Q8 Max+ cited by Roborock over the Q7. Other than many of the standard smart features, like room mapping and no-go zones, the new model uses what’s called “Reactive AI Tech Obstacle Avoidance”. Essentially, it should be better at identifying objects in its path to then go around them.

Roborock Q8 Max+ release date and price

Out now via the company’s website and retailers, Roborock’s newest robot vacuum device costs $1,299, coming in black or white colour options.

It’s only slightly more expensive than the base-level S8 model which doesn’t include a dock. At launch last year, the S8 retailed for $1,199, and although it has a marginally stronger 6,000Pa vacuum, it’s a negligible difference in real-world situations.

It looks like a good mix of features for the price, offering a bit more power than the $999 Deebot N10 Plus from Ecovacs. Considering the robot vacuum market is tipped to grow exponentially in the coming years, it’s good to have strong competition. There’s no word yet on when the S8 Max range revealed at CES 2024 will come to Australia.

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