Rumour: next iPhone set to be announced in September

One of the most common questions technology journalists get asked is “when is the new iPhone coming?” We can never tell you for sure – Apple doesn’t tell anyone – but new reports suggest an announcement is coming in September.

The news comes from AllThingsD, one of the more reliable tech sites in America, and suggests that the next iPhone launch will be happening in just a few weeks on September 10, a little under a week from when Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is expected to debut in Germany.

Rumours are already running hot about what we’re expecting to see, and range from a new iPhone 5 with an updated Retina grade screen to compete with the higher quality Android devices, new camera, and faster processor, as well as the possibility of seeing the long-awaited plastic budget iPhone 5.

We’ll know soon if the September 10 date is real, though, as we should be seeing a proper invitation shortly.