Sam is damned clumsy

Sam knows that when he buys his Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, he is 45% likely to damage it accidentally.

These are a few statistics from insurance claims.

Most likely he will drop in on a hard-tiled floor in the kitchen (38%) or drop it in the dunny (28%) because damned Sam still insists in carrying it in his rear jeans pocket.

Then while watching an exciting game of footy on the TV, he will accidentally fling his phone (12%) at the TV or drop it in his oversized beer mug (13%).

The when he is snoozing after watching an exhausting footy game 11% of the time it will slip right off his lap, and he will stand on it when getting up breaking the screen.

In another study Sam was 33% likely to break his new phone within the first ten weeks because it was just a little different and it takes time for the Neanderthal muscle memory to kick in – he can catch a football like a demon, but a smartphone is another thing.

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