Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo auto-detects messy stains

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo robot vacuum
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Samsung might just have the new device for anyone who hates vacuuming and mopping. Its Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is the company’s latest robot vacuum cleaner and mop, which the company claims that, thanks to the power of “advanced artificial intelligence”, is going to be its best robot vacuum cleaner yet.

In the press release, sent as part of the flurry of CES 2024 announcements, a Samsung spokesperson said that the new robot vacuum “will help make cleaning more enjoyable” and that its AI technology helps “meaningfully improve its usability”.

Given that this robot is supposed to do the cleaning for you, there is a good chance it’ll be more enjoyable.

The biggest problems facing robot vacuum cleaners today are:

  1. Most have terrible suction.
  2. They have trouble detecting objects.
  3. Most inadvertently ignore the no-go zones on their map apps due to positioning drift.
  4. They can’t detect stains.
  5. You have to manually switch out the mopping and vacuuming feet.
  6. They don’t know where the stains are, so you still have to put in the elbow grease on the extra dirty areas.

Supposedly, the purpose of the AI features is to help the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo overcome all of these issues.

How the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo improves cleaning

Not only will the AI Object Recognition feature presumably recognise objects to avoid running into them, but Samsung claims it will also be able to recognise space and stains. It’ll be able to tell the difference between a bathroom and a kitchen, and suggest no-go zones based on that. If it detects a stain, it’ll return to its dock to heat its mop pads with “high-temperature steam and water” so it can bring its A-game to remove the stain.

Those mopping pads work at 170 RPM, which is certainly more than most people rotate when mopping by hand, and Samsung claims that will help remove stains more efficiently.

It remains to be seen whether the AI Object Recognition will be able to tell the difference between a stain and changes in wood grain, and that will be a big focus of reviews at launch.

If it detects carpet, it’ll debate whether it simply needs to lift its mopping feet higher, or go back to base to remove its mopping feet, presumably with the same gusto as someone wearing stilettos after the Melbourne Cup and considering walking out onto a soft lawn. This will keep carpets dry and prevent cross-contamination.

After mopping, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo clean station also cleans and dries the mopping feet after use, keeping maintenance needs low. Interestingly, the press release doesn’t mention much about the vacuuming suction power, or whether the corner cleaning tool has been improved over the last model.

Local release dates and pricing have yet to be announced, but we’ll get you the news as it comes, as well as a review as soon as possible.

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