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A totally automated home is coming soon, and Aussie security specialist Swann wants to make sure it’s not just about automation, but piece of mind with security, too.

This week, the Melbourne-based Swann is returning to store shelves with a kit of technology aimed at keeping your home in good hands even when you’re not there, as the company embraces the modern security age where we all check our phones to find out just what is going on, as well as a bit of something else.

It’s coming from a product Swann calls “SwannOne” which aims to unify the elements of your home, bringing together video monitoring, motion sensing, window and door security, thermostat control, and more, with the ability to talk to other smart devices you might already have.


For this, Swann starts with a special hub that makes everything work together, called the “Smart Hub”.

This is exactly what it sounds like it is, with a hard drive sized device that sits in your home for the other devices to talk to. Swann’s Smart Hub even supports USB ports, which means later on it will be able to connect to a 4G network in case your home network goes down, or even plug in a hard drive to record from cameras if need be.

But those other devices we just mentioned are key, and these will be what make the SwannOne system a little more than just a revamped edition of Swann’s previous security solutions.


For instance, there will be two styles of camera, with both an indoor and an outdoor model, both of which can pick up on sounds heard by the microphones on the camera. Video footage from these can be streamed, and it will be 720p HD, at that, with that audio pickup by the microphones able to discern the difference between broken glass, gunshots, a smoke alarm, and a crying baby, with all of these telling the SwannOne system to alert you, the user, via the SwannOne app.

These cameras will use motion detection over video to pick up on movement, too, but there will also be a motion sensor that uses infrared to work out if someone is entering your home or office when they shouldn’t, again alerting you if or when that happens.

And while those gadgets all sit on the security side of things, SwannOne will try to do a little more than just act as security, coming together with other smart gadgets to automate your home.


If you have a Philips Hue lightbulb, the SwannOne system will talk to that, switching a light on when you turn the system on or off, with programmable logic similar to the “if this then that” model IFTTT uses, though not the same.

If you have a Kiwkset Kevo Bluetooth door lock mechanism, you can actually tell the Swann system to disengage using one of the Swann key fobs — or even the app — and the door will open for you.

That communication happens through the Swann Smart Hub, and will even do other things, such as switch on electronics plugged into Swann’s Smart Plug, a gadget that reminds us of the Belkin WeMo Switch, albeit with a way of talking to other gadgets.