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Review: ZTE’s $299 4G Blade S6 reviewed

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a phone, and if you can’t quite see the value in a $799 or $999 phone, ZTE is looking at you with a $299 phone. Is this a bargain, or just plain cheap?...

Review: Review: Global Gig Mobile Hotspot

Connectivity is becoming one of the staples many can't live without, and when we travel overseas, it's concerning that many mobile providers are happy to charge an arm and a leg for going online. Still, internet access is a must have, and while it's likely you'll have it at your hotel, one company has a solution for when you're not....

Telstra serves up 4G on a platter this holiday season

This week, Telstra has given us a taste of its Christmas line-up, making the high speed service available to as many people across this great nation of ours, whether they're looking for a first-time smartphone or tablet, or maybe something just a little more premium....