Imagine being able to show people what’s happening on your phone via your TV, and there is no lag, no slow-downs, no hiccups, and just plain streaming. Imagine no more, because Miracast is here, and it’s pretty awesome.

A wireless standard, Miracast allows selected devices with the technology – such as the LG Optimus G and HTC One smartphones – to communicate with TVs and projectors without the need for one of those microHDMI or MHL (HDMI over microUSB) cables.

The setup is insanely easy, and requires that you plug in a tiny box roughly the size of a box of matches – thinner, even – into your TV over HDMI, with power supplied by a microUSB plug.

If your TV features a USB port, you should be able to take advantage of power from that, which will be useful since it will only power the Miracast box when the TV switches on.

For everyone else, you can simply use a microUSB cable plugged into a USB plug in the wall. It’s the same port and connection normally used to charge pretty much every non-Apple smartphone, so if you have a device that isn’t an iPhone or iPad, you’ll know what it is.

Once that’s plugged in, simply turn your TV on, switch into the right input, and then grab your Miracast enabled phone.

Given that this is an LG Miracast box, we tried the LG Optimus G, which finds the Miracast box quickly once you switch the “Miracast” function on inside the smartphone.