These Wi-Fi 7 certified TP-Link routers are ultra fast

Wi-Fi 7 Certified TP-Link Archer BE800
Image: TP-Link.
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Both the TP-Link Archer BE800 and Deco BE85 are among the first home routers in the world to receive official Wi-Fi 7 Certified status from the Wi-Fi Alliance, meaning they meet some of the highest standards placed on wireless devices.

The official label bestowed upon the routers is “Wi-Fi Certified 7”, like a seal of approval verifying that both devices are fast, reliable, and secure. Striking in its angular appearance, the TP-Link Archer BE800 supports a huge bandwidth of 19 Gbps across three bands alongside plenty of ports for widespread connectivity. Meanwhile, the Deco BE85 is a Wi-Fi 7 mesh system that cranks the maximum bandwidth up to 22 Gbps.

Those sorts of speeds are unheard of in the realm of Australian internet. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have their place. Both routers use tri-band technology, using the 6GHz band in addition to the widely used 2.4 and 5GHz bands. This means you can avoid congestion by spreading traffic across network bands for lower latency and faster speeds.

TP-Link Deco BE85
TP-Link Deco BE85. Image: TP-Link.

As internet speeds increase and more devices support Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, it’ll make things like 8K streaming a possibility, while reducing the time spent waiting for downloads. One of the big use cases discussed is for future AR and VR technology. Many headsets rely on cables due to the high information transfer requirements, and the low latency needed. Better Wi-Fi reduces the need for cables altogether.

What’s so important about Wi-Fi Certified 7?

If you see a device with the official certification label, it means that it’s verified to meet several key standards. Ranging from faster speeds, better reliability, and high security requirements, standardising what constitutes Wi-Fi 7 technology helps you choose devices that meet the required benchmarks.

Many of the world’s biggest networking brands are members of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organisation aimed at advocating for and improving Wi-Fi technology. The likes of Apple, Samsung, and LG are also sponsors of the organisation.

There are a lot of technical buzzwords involved with Wi-Fi 7, but there are some worth knowing. Wi-Fi 7-certified devices include wider 320MHz channels as part of the 6GHz band. Put simply, it acts as a wider highway than what’s offered by the 2.4 and 5GHz bands, allowing more information through at the same time without congestion.

Another phrase to know is Multi-Link Operation (MLO). It refers to the ability to transmit data over multiple links instead of one, reducing latency significantly. Unlike previous-generation Wi-Fi technology, newer devices can use MLO to send information over multiple frequencies and bands at the same time. For compatible devices, you could use the 2.4, 5, and 6GHz bands at the same time.

As more computers, phones and smart devices introduce Wi-Fi 7 technology, expect to see wireless connectivity take another leap forward.

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