Unboxing: Dyson DC39

Dyson’s latest innovation in vacuum cleaning technology has arrived, allowing us to get out geek on while we clean up the office.

The model we’ve been sent is the top-of-the-range DC39 “allergy” model, complete with a built-in filter at the back designed to block small particles from exiting your vacuum and hurting those with asthma or allergies.

It also features an updated version of Dyson’s Radial Cyclone technology, designed to reduce dust further by pushing it through numerous sections of an air chamber. Also improved is the ball section of the drag-along vacuum, now featuring a central-steering mechanism so you can pull it along as you clean without toppling.

We should say that when looking at the DC39, we didn’t have a big enough light-tent to photograph this thing on, so please excuse our off-green patterned floor.