Virgin Mobile adds flights to its mobile “value”

Phone calls, texts, data: these are things you expect to see in a mobile plan. Return flights to another country? That’s something else altogether, and Virgin will be adding that to one of its plans.

They call it the “irresistible plan,” they being Virgin and irresistible being targeted at Australians who wants the best of everything and a holiday too, which is precisely what the telco is considering with its new $140 monthly plan, once signed up with for two years.

It’s more expensive than your traditional $50, $60, or even $80 plan, and will aim to satisfy the most data hungry of individuals, with a new phone offered after 12 months of being in the service.

Unlimited calls and text messages are included, as is $200 worth of international calls, and 6GB of data monthly, but so is an airfare through Virgin Australia to either New Zealand, Fiji, or Vanuatu.

“We’re proud to offer unique inclusions to well and truly meet the needs of the most savvy customer, with new technology after 12 months, and a return flight to a highly desirable destination, plus access to our Virgin family perks,” said David Scribner, the Head of Virgin Mobile in Australia.

“This plan will appeal to consumers who are looking for a mobile plan with generous inclusions and a truly ‘Virgin’ experience.”

Woo. $140 per month over 24 months translates to a minimum of $3360 which is a lot of money.

We haven’t tabulated whether this is a good deal yet, but generally we don’t buy our mobile plans based off the perks they offer outside the mobile connection, data, phone call quality, and pricing. This is an interesting perk to say the least, but if you’re planning a holiday, we’d probably plan that separately from the plan.

Still, we can see some people jumping in and catching a flight, as it might offer them just the break they need as well as the plan for their phones.