Crash Cam: the black box for your car is here

Car accidents are never a fun thing to go through, and we very rarely have an impartial backseat driver there to verify the events of the day. Luckily, a gadget may come to the rescue in these situations.

A new product released by Laser this week aims to help out when dealing with collisions and road incidents, recording what happened using a video camera.

The Navig8r Crash Cam attached to a windshield and – using a 120 degree wide angle lens – continually captures video of what’s going on either in front of or behind you. Video is continually captured to a microSD card in either VGA (640×480) or 720; (1280×720) in two, five, and 15 minute intervals.

Night time recording is also possible, thanks to eight infrared LEDs surrounding the cameras. Playback as well as what’s currently being captured can be seen on the 2.5 inch colour LCD on the device, making it useful to relive what just happened when you need it most: at the scene of the crime.

Laser’s Naivg8r Crash Cam can also sense when you’re in the vehicle, switching off when the engine turns off.

While we’ve yet to play with one ourselves, one problem we can spot is that the camera will only record in one direction at a time, either aimed at the front or behind the vehicle.

In any case, the Naivg8r Crash Cam should arrive this week in selected retailers for $99 RRP.



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  1. Ian
    March 27, 15:46 Ian

    At 720 you wont be able to read the number plates of cars near you. I have units that can do 1080 and reading rego numbers is a struggle at that resolution. Do you actually have any test video? I can provide HD examples from a car cam that can do 1080 and you can see the limitations.

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    • Porscheowner
      April 14, 23:46 Porscheowner

      I agree. I use a camera on my Porsche daily as people seem to love reversing till they touch when parked and the only time you can read a rego is when its parked in front of you otherwise if its in motion and at a distance with the sun ahead, no way hosay.

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