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Panasonic NN-DS596B Combination Microwave includes steaming in its repertoire

10 months ago

You’ve gotta love versatility. Panasonic has managed to squeeze nearly all the ways of cooking into one box. Okay, the Panasonic NN-DS596B Combination Microwave doesn’t

New Panasonic Lumix cameras highlighted at Photokina 2016

11 months ago

In the world of photography, Cologne Germany is where it’s all happening this week. That’s where Photokina, the world’s largest show for photographic and imaging

Panasonic HC-X1 4K Ultra HD camcorder coming

12 months ago

Panasonic has announced the HC-X1, which it describes as “a professional 4K 50p/60p camcorder designed for outstanding results”. There is a stack of features to

Panasonic, Samsung reveal 4K Blu-rays, with movies out too

1 year ago

The Ultra HD TV world has gone without content long enough, and if you joined the UHDTV revolution early, you can finally find content for your newish TV.

Panasonic outs the GX85 4K mirrorless with USB charging

1 year ago

Content for UHD TVs may be hard to find, but the cameras sure aren’t, with Panasonic announcing a new model that not only comes with 4K support, but also 5-axis stabilisation and an easy way to charge that camera.

Panasonic makes hybrid computers even tougher

1 year ago

Need computers a little tougher than what you find at your local electronics store? Put through over 500 tests, Panasonic’s latest Toughbook may fit the bill.

Panasonic brings selfies to a compact interchangeable

2 years ago

We’ve all taken a selfie at one point in time, and it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a pro photographer or something in between, because chances are you’ve done it, too, but what if you could snare one on a camera with lenses?

Panasonic readies two compacts with 4K capture

2 years ago

Ultra HD TVs have certainly been around long enough and cameras have been able to capture stills for them, but video, that’s something only big cameras have supported. This year, the small ones will get it, too.

Panasonic adds “post focus” to its 4K cameras

2 years ago

Forget the Lytro, because while the one megapixel square shooter was cool for the time, Panasonic has found a way to get a similar effect going inside its mirrorless cameras.

Panasonic sets up the summer for slow-juicing, slushy making

2 years ago

One of the downsides of a juicer is that after the initial two weeks of juicing is over, the appliance generally sits at the back of the cupboard waiting to be used. Fortunately, Panasonic has a remedy: make the juicer into a frozen treat maker.