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Panasonic sets up the summer for slow-juicing, slushy making

November 4, 2015

One of the downsides of a juicer is that after the initial two weeks of juicing is over, the appliance generally sits at the back of the cupboard waiting to be used. Fortunately, Panasonic has a remedy: make the juicer into a frozen treat maker.

Panasonic unleashes “cyclonic waves” for better microwaves

October 13, 2015

When’s the last time your microwave did what you wanted it to and cooked something evenly? If the answer is “never”, a technology is on the way to Aussie shops that could save your food from being too hot and too cold all at the same time.

Panasonic brings touchscreens to washing machines

September 23, 2015

You may not think a home appliance needs a touchscreen, but if you’re not a huge fan of buttons, knobs, dials, and switches, Panasonic’s latest take on the washing machine might be ideal for you.

Panasonic makes a smarter rice cooker

August 19, 2015

Need cooked rice without thinking? A dedicated rice cooker will do the job, and a new play on the tech could even make the rice taste better overall.

Game changer: Panasonic’s 4K-friendly G7 reviewed

August 13, 2015

Panasonic’s latest take on the mirrorless camera not only show it has the guts to be a great camera, but a very creative and forward-thinking one, too.

Panasonic rolls 4K to another mirrorless, this time with weather-proofing

July 16, 2015

Keen to get some 4K video captured for that new 4K TV, but you just know you’re going to get caught in a rain storm? Panasonic has a camera just for that.

Panasonic connects homes with security and control

July 13, 2015

Home automation and security are about to merge now that Panasonic is getting in on the action.

Panasonic’s Android cameraphone arrives July

July 7, 2015

We haven’t seen a phone from Panasonic in quite some time, but that is about to change, as Panasonic’s Photokina 2014 announcement gets a release date for 2015 in Australia.

Panasonic tackles an action camera, is it enough to take on GoPro?

May 28, 2015

There certainly are quite a few action cameras out there, and there might even be room for one more, as Panasonic embraces its inner Iron Man and brings its ruggedised knowhow to a Go Pro competitor.

Panasonic’s next mirror-less is all 4K, under $1000

May 26, 2015

How do you deal with a lack of Ultra HD content for 4K TVs? You get people to make their own, which is exactly what Panasonic is doing with its latest mirror-less shooter, providing not just 4K video, but 4K image shooting.