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You might find the occasional crash here and there, and there’s even a possibility it won’t work on really new devices — LG G3, we’re looking at you — but if you can get it working, it’s worth seeing the sorts of designs you can get working on your phone, and then make some yourself!

Widget Home

Price: Free

We’ve grown to like this one because it’s so playful, offering a designer’s take on an operating system in a way that can be easily changed by you or I, and without a special scarf or beret (we’re making fun of GadgetGuy’s designer with that line).

In all seriousness, Widget Home offers some playful fonts and styles for a launcher, with your choice of apps to make it one of the launchers you’ll love using and showing off.

Big Launcher

Price: $10

Despite it’s big price, Big Launcher is one of those great ideas we wish manufacturers would pick up on, since it brings the big buttons from older phones to big touchscreens, making the new all-screen phones easier for seniors and children to grasp.

If you’ve been trying to work out how to get your relatives on the smartphone bandwagon and they’re struggling with the complexities of mobile operating systems, this is worth the try, as it offers the functionality they’ll understand with large text when they need it, likewise with your kids.